Our Solution

Endear is an API-connected, white labeled platform that empowers you to deliver cutting-edge benefits and programs, without the associated technical burden.

Additionally, our flexible onboarding process teaches members how to get the most out of their plan.


Who we serve

Endear partners with innovative medicare advantage plans, ACOs and DCEs to increase star ratings, improve their onboarding experience, ease their technology burden, and differentiate themselves in an increasingly crowded market.

How It Works

Use Case

Let’s imagine...

You’re meeting with an innovative Supplemental Benefits vendor that believes they can greatly improve your member retention and cost of care. You float the prospective partnership to your internal teams and learn that your existing technical roadmap is locked for the next 3 quarters.

Additionally, you realize that without the ability to digitally deploy the program, you’ll need to hire multiple employees to manually pass eligibility files back and forth monthly. Given this long timeline, as well as the high costs to deploy and run the program, you logically decide that the vendor partnership is not a priority at this time.

use case
use case

Now let’s imagine...

You’re meeting with the same innovative Supplemental Benefits vendor, but this time you’ve partnered with Endear to support your digital transformation. Given the lack of work required by your internal teams, you decide to pilot the program, and ask Endear to add them to your health plan portal.

Just a few short weeks later you’re able to launch the pilot program in 3 distinct geographies, capture real time analytics, and make a data driven decision on whether or not to bring the vendor to the rest of your population.


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