Grow with your members before they outgrow you

Designed from the ground up to be intuitive to older adults, our API-connected platform empowers payors and providers to deliver a best-in-class member experience.

We believe that everyone, regardless of age, should receive the highest level of care and support.

We are committed to making that a reality.

As the only payor agnostic member experience platform optimized for older adults, Endear Health is here to help

Value-Based Care, particularly Medicare Advantage, has never been more competitive and members have more options than ever before

  • The average Medicare beneficiary has access to 43 Medicare Advantage plans in 2024, more than double the number of plans offered in 2018.

Customer experience and member retention are directly linked

  • MA plans with an average customer experience measure rating of 4 or more Stars added 2.1 times more net members in 2019 than their less customer-friendly competitors.
  • 56% of seniors reported that Star ratings were the top feature they considered when shopping for Medicare Advantage plans.

Onboarding substantially influences initial and ongoing member satisfaction, with most members finding the experience lacking or nonexistent

  • 66% of Medicare members report only receiving basic information on their plan, while 15% of members report receiving nothing at all.
  • Less than 10% of Medicare members said their plan helped them enroll in additional benefits or programs.

Why choose Endear Health?

Improve program engagement with proactive & personalized nudges, powered by our AI-driven smart benefits engine.

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Why choose Endear Health?

Guide members into their health plan experience and help enroll them in their benefits through a flexible and comprehensive onboarding process.

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Why choose Endear Health?

Offload the technical and financial burden of 3rd party integrations.

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